Social Work Internship

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Key Responsibilities:

Client Assessment:
Assist in conducting client assessments to identify needs, strengths, and challenges.
Collaborate with the team to develop individualized care plans.

Client Support:
Provide emotional support and counseling to clients facing various challenges.
Assist in connecting clients with relevant community resources and services.

Case Management:
Participate in case management activities, including maintaining accurate client records.
Coordinate with other professionals involved in the client’s care.

Advocate for clients’ rights and access to services.
Assist clients in navigating social service systems.

Crisis Intervention:
Learn and apply crisis intervention techniques under the guidance of experienced social workers.
Provide support during crisis situations, as needed.

Community Outreach:
Participate in community outreach programs to raise awareness of available social services.
Collaborate with community organizations and stakeholders.

Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation of client interactions and progress.
Ensure compliance with confidentiality and privacy regulations.

Professional Development:
Attend training sessions and workshops to enhance social work skills.
Stay informed about current social work practices and ethical standards.

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